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Perfect Sizes & Flawless Tones

At Alaska PikTM, we understand that sometimes the piks get pulled off by the strings. That’s why we offer the perfect size that makes the finger pik stay on. Choose the one that fits your fingers so that you may feel confident controlling your finger piks.

Alaska Pik Manufacturers Tutorial

Hand Sizing Chart

Use the chart to determine which Alaska PikTM size is best for you. Print out the diagram and trace your hand as close to actual size as possible and compare measurements.

Glove Size Chart

Your glove size will help determine your pik size
  • Small glove = small pik

  • Medium glove = medium pik
  • Large glove = large pik
  • Extra large glove = extra large pik

Order one of each size to ensure best results.

You can use a coloring pen to change the color of the pik, if you don't care for white.

Fitting Your Pick

Custom Fitting Instructions

  1. Alaska Pik'sTM plastic and brass picks can be manicured to precise length: (Plastic) use clippers, then file. (Brass) use file or grinder. To manicure, place pick securely "Over the Finger, Under the Nail,TM" decide the length desired, then clip and file. For a side of the fingernail attack remove plastic at indicator #1.

  2. To match the curvature of the user's flesh under the nail area, file on the backside of the picking surface (indicator #2). This adds security. This should be done before changing the length.

  3. To un-stiffen the pik, remove all or part of the pressure band (indicator #3). For added comfort, file smooth all uncomfortable edges. The brass pressure band should be bent inward. This creates tension on top of the fingernail (indicator #3).

All piks (plastic or brass) just $2.50 each

  • $5.95 Shipping Fee within U.S.A
    Shipping via U.S. Airmail
  • $19.95 Shipping Fee for International
    Shipping via U.S. Airmail

Talk To Our Team

We can assist you in choosing the right finger piks for your instrument.

Email Our Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone/Text: 208-687-6999