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Alaska PikTM offers the best finger piks that come in various formats of high quality and reasonable prices. These piks are made to enhance your overall tone, technique, and performance. Whether you are playing banjo, guitar, lap steel, harp, or other string instruments, we have the perfect pik for you.

Finger & Thumb Picks

Thumbpick same as fingerpick.

  • Plastic
  • Brass
Alaska Pik

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All piks (plastic or brass) just $1.98 each

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Plastic Guitar Pick (Natural Fingernail Sound)

This unique plastic finger & thumbnail pick is available in four different sizes:

Plastic Guitar Pick
  Plastic Picks in 4 sizes

For the first order, you can try different sizes. To determine which size is best for you, use our sizing chart.

Brass Guitar Pick

Brass Guitar Pick (Can be Noisy on Wound Strings)

This unique brass finger & thumbnail pick is available in three different sizes:

  Brass Picks in 3 sizes

Use the sizing chart to select the pick most likely to fit your fingers and thumb.

Use the fitting directions to adjust each pick for your comfort.

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