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aLaska Pik Guitar Picks

     Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of aLaska Pik plastic and brass guitar picks.
Click on any image to a view a full-sized version.

Plastic Guitar Picks loosen pik

aLaska Pik
Plastic Guitar Picks

aLaska Pik
Loosen Pick

Plastic Guitar Pick Inside view Plastic and Brass Guitar Picks

aLaska Pik
Tighten Pik

aLaska Pik
Available in Plastic or Brass

Brass Guitar Picks Full Hand Curl

aLaska Pik
Brass Guitar Picks

aLaska Pik
Full Hand Curl

Inverted Curl

aLaska Pik
Inverted Curl

aLaska Pik
Full Hand View

Guitar and Pick Guitar and Guitar Pick

aLaska Pik
Finger & Thumb

aLaska Pik
Thumb View

Order one of each size to ensure best results.

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