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aLaska Pik Guitar Picks

     Fitting Your Pick

All picks (brass or plastic) just $1.98 each
$4.95 Shipping Fee within U.S.A. Shipping via U.S. Airmail
$10.95 Shipping Fee for Canada (only). Shipping via U.S. Airmail
$13.95 Shipping Fee for International. Shipping via U.S. Airmail

Customizing Instructions

Custom Fitting Instructions
1) aLaska Pik's TM plastic and brass picks can be manicured to precise length: (Plastic) use clippers, then file. (Brass) use file or grinder. To manicure, place pick securely "Over the finger, Under the Nail," decide the length desired, then clip and file. For a side of the fingernail attack remove plastic at indicator #1.

2) To match the curvature of the user's flesh under the nail area, file on the backside of picking surface (indicator #2). This adds security. This should be done before changing length. 3) To un-stiffen pick remove all or part of the pressure band (indicator #3). For added comfort file smooth all uncomfortable edges. The brass pressure band should be bent inward. This creates tension on top of the fingernail (indicator #3).

Use a coloring pen to change the color of the pik, if you don't care for white.

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